We Will Treat Your Case With The Care It Deserves

Our Business Law Attorney Can Provide A Solid Legal Foundation For Your Success

Running a successful business requires more than just a great idea and hard work. You’ll need an airtight legal foundation to protect your interests, mitigate risks and facilitate growth.

When you need a business lawyer, look no further than our firm, Dunn, Schouten & Snoap, P.C. With more than 40 years of experience serving business owners in Western Michigan, our attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive legal counsel suited to the unique needs of your company.

Providing Legal Counsel On Critical Aspects Of Your Business

Dunn, Schouten & Snoap, P.C., primarily provides legal assistance for the following business concerns:

Entity formation

From choosing the right entity type to handling formation paperwork, our lawyers guide you through establishing your business on a secure legal footing. We’ll gauge factors like liability protection, tax implications and operational requirements to recommend the optimal structure, whether a corporation, LLC, partnership or sole proprietorship.

Contracts and transactions

Well-drafted contracts are vital for any business transaction. Our business law attorneys meticulously craft, review and negotiate agreements to safeguard your rights and interests. You can also call on us to serve as your contract dispute lawyer if there are any disagreements.

General counsel services

Our firm offers general counsel services to businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a small business lawyer for your modest company or a legal partner for a much larger operation, we can provide day-to-day legal advice, contract review, risk management guidance and more. We also offer bankruptcy legal support when your company is in financial distress.

We also offer estate planning services for business owners concerned about the future of their assets when they pass away.

At every stage of your business lifecycle, from formation and growth to mergers and acquisitions, our attorneys deliver knowledgeable guidance and sound strategies.

Get Professional Support For Any Business Concern

Whether you need assistance with contracts, planning for business succession or you just want to keep your company compliant with the law, call Dunn, Schouten & Snoap, P.C., at 616-538-6380 or send us an email. Our firm is based in Wyoming, but we accept clients throughout Western Michigan.